Entrepreneurship and civic innovation are growing forces in Chicago

1871– the digital co-working space named after the year of the Great Chicago Fire– is a great example of this. But large, private companies, with their need for confidentiality and security, often have a hard time engaging with these outside forces that depend on openness and free association.

Here on the prairie, fire has long played a role in success. A thoughtful controlled burn– the careful placement of fire– can clear away unhelpful plants, prevent encroachment, and release nutrients for new growth.

We created the ControlledBurn program to help Chicago corporations bring the forces of entrepreneurship and civic innovation to bloom, inside your walls. We help your local developer staff to think like entrapreneurs to help build your business on renewed soil.

Ready to start the fire?

You’re ready to start the prairie fire in your company? Please let us know.

Lincoln Marsh, Early Spring 2012